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“We want a family,”— 3 young brothers who are desperately hoping to be adopted by the same family


I have been blessed to have grown up in a nurturing environment with both of my parents present throughout my childhood and a safe and loving home. However, I am aware that not all children have the same privilege.

Many children around the world do not have the care and support of their biological parents and are instead being raised by relatives or are in search of an adoptive family. The story of brothers William, Marshall, and Aiden, all aged 10, illustrates this reality as they express their desire to find a family who will take them in together.

Credit – YouTube /Heart Gallery
Credit – YouTube / Heart Gallery

According to Partnerships for Children, the three brothers, twins Marshall and Aiden (nicknamed Curly and Larry) and their older brother Bobby (nicknamed Moe), have a strong bond and enjoy sharing things together. Unfortunately, they are currently seeking a permanent home and hope to stay together as a family unit.

They have expressed their desire to find a family to take them in, saying “we want a family!”. Additionally, Partnerships for Children notes that Bobby tends to be more reserved than his brothers and is eager to make others happy. He has a passion for swimming and martial arts, as well as playing Minecraft and solving puzzles.

Aiden is portrayed as a natural leader who enjoys outdoor activities and learning new things. His twin brother, Marshall, is described as a playful and imaginative child who values spending time with his siblings.

Credit – YouTube / Heart Gallery

The organization, Partnerships for Children, states that the boys would thrive in a two-parent household with a mother and a father, without any other children. They believe the ideal family for the boys would be one that prioritizes the bond between siblings.

When asked about the significance of his brothers in his life, Marshall, age 10, responded by saying that they represent friendship to him. Aiden, on the other hand, said that his brothers mean love to him.

Aiden also mentioned that the brothers are tired of living at a boys ranch and being constantly moved to different places. “I’ve been here for three years,” he explained. “I had to move from one house to another, and the first house I had to move rooms. I’ve been there (at the ranch) way longer that these two. I got here first.”

I truly wish the best for these boys and hope they find a loving and welcoming family to adopt them.