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Mom has twins, and when she steps out—the dad does something totally unexpected!


In a heartbreaking turn of events, a young family’s joy turned to tragedy. A couple, who had just expanded their family with the birth of twins, faced an unimaginable situation.

The mother, Savannah Bliss, and her husband were the proud parents of three children, including the newborn twins, Gunner and Madelyn. Little did anyone know that their happiness would soon be shattered.

Savannah shared a painful story with the media. She recounted how her world fell apart when her three-week-old son, Gunner, was harmed while under the care of his father. This occurred while Savannah was at the hospital, attending to Madelyn, Gunner’s twin sister, who was still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at WakeMed.

Gunner and Madelyn were born prematurely at 34 weeks and were still under medical care. During this challenging time, their father, 22-year-old Noah Benjamin Bliss from Harnett County, was looking after Gunner and their one-year-old sibling.

Tragically, Gunner’s injuries were severe. Noah Bliss was arrested at WakeMed in Raleigh and faced grave charges, including first-degree murder and child abuse. The incident that led to these charges happened on October 6.

Savannah, heartbroken, expressed her deep sorrow and desire for justice. “I trusted my husband to watch Gunner while I was taking care of his sister in the ICU. He was sweetest boy with most beautiful blue eyes … he was the best baby [and] for him to be taken so soon is so wrong,” she said.

The family, temporarily staying at the WakeMed’s Heart Center Inn, a facility for families with loved ones in the hospital, was in a state of shock. Medical staff informed Savannah that Gunner had suffered severe head trauma, likely from being shaken. This caused brain bleeding and swelling, ultimately leading to a lack of oxygen.

In a devastating decision, Gunner was taken off life support on a Monday night. The following day, Noah Bliss appeared in court and was held without bond. His trial was set for the following month.

For Savannah, the pain was unimaginable. She remembered her husband as a happy, proud father and struggled to understand how such a tragedy could happen. “He loved his babies,” she said, still in disbelief. Her focus now is on seeking justice for Gunner, her innocent son whose life was tragically cut short.