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After learning they were dating the same man, two women broke up with him and went on a trip together


Matters of the heart are challenging to handle, and we are yet to find one love relationship that is 100 percent perfect.

Faith Bistline believed her partner was faithful to her, so when it was revealed that he had been seeing someone else, she was devastated.

For her 30th birthday, she was about to travel to Costa Rica with her boyfriend when she got a message on Facebook from an unknown person.

The message asked, “Is he your boyfriend?” pointing to a picture of her man, “Because he’s been dating my friend for the past 10 months.”

She wanted to believe that it was an error because she was so shocked. She sent her boyfriend a screenshot of the message in order to clarify the situation. Sadly, he chose not to answer, so she was unable to get the reassurance she required.

Bistline soon received a text from Emily Ortiz, who had been seeing her boyfriend for almost a year. She wanted to know Bistiline and her man’s dating history because she believed they were in an exclusive relationship.

Ortiz’s background was unknown to Bistline, who claimed to have tried to get an explanation from him but to no avail.

To verify that they had been dating the same man, the two women traded pictures of him. It turns out that he had met both of their families while they were both staying in the man’s apartment on separate dates.

Over time, they pieced everything together and learned how the man had cheated on them covertly without their suspicions being aroused.

They both reside in Las Vegas and are employed in the medical field. Before they started dating in April 2021, a friend of the man introduced Bistline, a nurse, to him.

He first met Ortiz, a medical assistant, at the clinic where she works. In October 2021, he asked her out without letting her know that he was already engaged.

After two days, the man finally answered Bistline. The half-laugh emoji he added after the text, which read, “So I guess I have a little bit of explaining to do,” without any indication of regret, irritated her more. “That really got under my skin.” I asked, “Do you find this amusing?” “Yes,” said Bistline.

On the one hand, Ortiz immediately went to his home when he discovered he was lying. He never arrived, so she was forced to wait outside for hours. The next evening, when she went back to his apartment, she was happy to see him there.

Ortiz admitted, “I pushed him.” “What are you talking about?” he questioned. You’re crazy; I mentioned the messages, and he said, “Oh, yeah.” She claimed that when he expressed regret, he said to her, “I never should have let it get out of hand.”

Both Ortiz and Bistline dumped their unfaithful ex-boyfriends and concentrated on healing their wounds. At this point, Bistline told Ortiz that she intended to travel to Costa Rica for her birthday.

Naturally, she wouldn’t go with her ex-boyfriend anymore, so she considered going with Ortiz. “Please let me know if you’re serious about Costa Rica. “I’m going to bring you instead of him, I swear,” Bistline wrote.

Three weeks after learning of their boyfriend’s affair, Ortiz accepted her invitation, and on September 16, they took a trip to Costa Rica together. It was the perfect “breakup” vacation.

Bistline admitted that she didn’t want to take a vacation by herself. “I was thinking a trip like this would probably benefit us both.” After everything we’ve been through, we deserve this.

Ortiz acknowledged having some reservations about Bistline’s.

She admitted, “At first, I thought this girl was crazy.” But I was just thinking that since we are the only two who are aware of our experiences, it might be beneficial for us to recover together.

Four days were spent by Bistline and Ortiz exploring Costa Rica’s natural wonders and going on various adventures. They grew close and had a great relationship.

Although Ortiz expressed happiness at making a new friend as a result of the experience, she said that the most important lesson she has learned is to “always listen to your intuition.”