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Groomsman gets cheeky at friends’ wedding, capturing a hilarious moment on film


In Arizona, a funny moment happened at a wedding that everyone is talking about online.

Brennan Young, who is 24 years old, was at his friend Owen’s wedding with the other groomsmen, all dressed up and ready for the big day.

They took a photo while praying for Owen, which was meant to be a sweet and meaningful moment. But when Brennan shared the picture online, it quickly got a lot of attention for a very unexpected reason.


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In the photo, all the groomsmen are in a circle, wearing light gray pants and white shirts. Brennan was trying to adjust his pants to fit better, but ended up with a big wedgie.

The picture shows this clearly, and Brennan didn’t realize it until Owen pointed it out the next day by jokingly texting him, “Benny is cheeked up.”

This small wardrobe mishap turned the photo into a viral sensation, with over 1.5 million views. People found it hilarious, leaving comments like “The cheeks were praying too” and “Your butt is eating those pants.” Even American singer SZA chimed in, joking about the situation.

@brennanyoungin I’m never pulling up my pants ever again. I blame Men’s Wearhouse. It’s not me OR my butt’s fault! I hate that someone captured this. I’ll never live it down #wedding #marriage #groomsman #groomsmen #bridalparty #sweetmoments #cheeks #pants #wedgie #noregrets #regret #accident ♬ original sound – byoungin

Despite the embarrassment, Brennan took it in stride, laughing along with everyone else. He even joked that he’s never pulling up his pants again and blamed the store for the fitting issue.

This incident shows how a simple moment can become a funny memory that everyone enjoys. It’s a reminder that sometimes, it’s the unplanned things that make events like weddings memorable.