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Mom of two criticized for sharing Father’s Day picnic video at husband’s grave


When someone close to us passes away, the grief can be overwhelming. During such times, people often turn to various traditions to cope with their loss.

These customs, which vary across cultures, provide solace and a way to honor the deceased. However, these practices can sometimes attract unwarranted criticism, as experienced by the family of Mark Rosenthal.


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Mark Rosenthal passed away 13 years ago, leaving behind his wife, Robin Rosenthal, and their two children, Sam and Emma, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since his passing, Robin has been dedicated to keeping Mark’s memory alive, particularly for their children. One of their ways to feel closer to him is by spending time at his grave and sharing these moments online.

In June 2022, the family posted a video on social media to commemorate Father’s Day. The video showed them enjoying a picnic at Mark’s grave, with sandwiches and other treats. In the video, Sam cheerfully declares, “Father’s Day lunch with Dad!” and then asks his mother where his father is. Robin responds with, “Down there, in the ground,” adding a touch of humor by tossing a fry onto Mark’s grave and saying, “Here Mark, have a fry.”

Despite their intention to add a light-hearted touch to the somber occasion, the video received mixed reactions. Some viewers appreciated the unique way the Rosenthals chose to honor Mark’s memory, while others found it disrespectful. Comments ranged from calling it “creepy” to expressing speechlessness over the perceived lack of respect.


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Undeterred by the criticism, the family continued their tradition this year and posted another video of their visit to Mark’s grave. This video garnered over 600,000 views on TikTok and sparked a similar mix of support and criticism. While some viewers admired their effort to keep Mark’s memory alive in a personal and meaningful way, others remained critical of Robin and her children.

In a world where coping mechanisms and traditions vary widely, the Rosenthal family’s experience highlights the importance of understanding and respecting different ways of dealing with loss. What may seem unusual to some is a cherished tradition to others.

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