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UPS driver falls in a hilarious way and asks the homeowner to send the video


UPS drivers have a tough job. They work long hours and have to stick to tight schedules, often running from one house to the next. A video captures a busy driver quickly updating package details on a handheld gadget before hurrying off to the next delivery.

The UPS driver made a small mistake with his step and fell off a porch. He ended up on the ground in a funny position called “sploot.” If you don’t know what that looks like, think of squirrels stretching out flat on their bellies – that’s splooting!

TikTok Screenshot

The UPS driver, after falling, quickly stood up and returned to his truck. Once he collected himself, he thought the homeowner might get a laugh out of his mishap. So, he left a note on the delivery slip suggesting they watch the moment on their Ring camera.

The UPS driver also asked for a video copy. Turns out, he’s quite popular on TikTok and wanted to share this funny moment from his workday.

We found the clip there and it sure made us laugh. It’s cool to see someone who can laugh at themselves. Big thanks to him for sharing!

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@astro.knot Took a little tumble this friday lol had to ask the homeowners for the video đŸ˜‚ #UPS #deliverydriver #ringdoorbell #ring #fyp ♬ Falling – Harry Styles