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Mom delivers baby with uncommon condition, baffled when adoptive family won’t accept her


Life can be unpredictable, and we often face challenging situations that are beyond our control. This means we might have to make tough choices at times.

One such example is the story of Christina Fisher, a 36-year-old woman from Florida. When she became pregnant, her circumstances were not ideal. She was unemployed and on the verge of eviction from her trailer park residence. Given these hardships, Christina knew it would be difficult to provide her child with the opportunities they deserved.

Facebook/Christina Fischer

Christina made the difficult decision to put her baby up for adoption, hoping to give her a better life. However, when her daughter Abigail was born, the situation took an unexpected turn. The adoptive family, after seeing Abigail’s face, suddenly backed out and left the hospital.

Although Christina’s ultrasounds had shown a normal development, Abigail’s appearance at birth in January 2016 was a surprise to both her and the doctors. The newborn girl’s features were distinct from the other babies in the maternity ward, leaving Christina to face new challenges.

Abigail was found to have Treacher Collins syndrome, an uncommon genetic condition that results in facial asymmetry and can lead to respiratory and eye issues. Despite this diagnosis, Christina felt nothing but love for her daughter and saw her as incredibly beautiful.

Sadly, the adoptive family did not share this sentiment, as reported by The Telegraph. They had initially come to the hospital to support Christina during labor, but their attitude changed after Abigail’s birth, leaving Christina to face this new challenge on her own.

Facebook/Christina Fischer

The adoptive mother’s demeanor changed drastically upon seeing Abigail’s face, and she left the hospital in tears, never to be heard from again. Faced with this unforeseen situation, Christina took it as a sign and decided to raise Abigail herself.

Wanting to capture the beauty of her daughter, Christina arranged for a photographer to take pictures of them together. Pleased with the results, she shared some of the photos and Abigail’s inspiring story online for others to see.

Facebook/Christina Fischer

Christina also started a GoFundMe campaign to help support her and Abigail. Nearly 600 people came together, donating around $22,000 to give Abigail a better start in life. This demonstrates the incredible power of human compassion and determination, refusing to give up on a child simply because they have a medical condition or appear different.

In the end, it seems that fate had other plans for Christina and her daughter. The heartbreaking choice to put her child up for adoption was one no parent wants to make, but ultimately, it led to a stronger bond between mother and child.

Facebook/Christina Fischer

Abigail is truly adorable, and we hope she has a bright future ahead. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the kind strangers who contributed to giving this little family a better start in life.

If you believe Abigail’s story is inspiring and that she is indeed a miracle, feel free to share her journey with your friends on Facebook, spreading hope and positivity.