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This 13-year-old child had severe marks on her neck because of a common mistake


In a recent incident, a young girl faced unexpected danger while simply chatting on her phone. The 13-year-old was using her phone while it was charging, a common habit for many of us. But this everyday activity took a painful turn.

Her mother noticed red marks on her daughter’s neck, which were causing the girl discomfort. Concerned, she took her daughter to the doctor, where they discovered the marks were serious burns.

It turned out that while the girl was talking to a friend, her metal necklace came into contact with the phone charger’s cord. This contact created an electric arc, which led to the burns.

This incident sheds light on the potential dangers of using phones while they are charging, especially when metal objects are involved.

It also highlights the importance of using phones safely to prevent such accidents. The girl’s mother is now sharing their story to raise awareness and encourage safer phone use.

Pexel/ sKarolina Grabowska

Please talk to your kids about this and share this story to help others learn from this incident. It’s important to remember that the devices we use every day can pose risks if not handled carefully.