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Everyone is surprised when a three-year-old boy leads his class in heartfelt prayer


It is well-known that young children tend to imitate the actions and behaviors they observe. This was evident in a viral video that featured a young boy who demonstrated a remarkable level of devotion while praying.

The footage captured the child standing up in his classroom and praying with great sincerity. It is clear that the child has been surrounded by individuals who hold prayer in high regard and have instilled strong values of faith in him.

The video, in turn, struck a chord with many viewers and quickly gained popularity due to the child’s adorable demeanor and the exercise of his right to freedom of religion.


With his eyes closed and hands brought together, Makhi Martin, a three-year-old from Missouri, led his Pre-K class in prayer. Despite not yet being able to clearly articulate his words, the little boy made an impassioned prayer for the meal he and his classmates were about to receive.

Starting with the phrase “Father God,” Makhi continued on, remembering to mention that all boys and girls around the world were blessed. The teacher recording the video could clearly be heard overcome with emotion as she watched the young boy make the prayer from memory. It is clear that Makhi’s parents have instilled the practice of praying before meals in their son.


As Makhi Martin begins his prayer, the entire class, and their teacher unite in repeating the prayer after him. This communal act of prayer creates a sense of unity and sweetens the experience for all involved.

The video of Makhi’s prayer was uploaded to YouTube and immediately went viral, accumulating millions of views. It has received an outpouring of positive reactions, with over 400,000 likes and many comments praising the young boy and his heartfelt words.

Makhi Martin

Interestingly, the video of Makhi’s prayer surfaced on the internet just before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It was shared widely in January 2020, at a time when no one could have predicted the challenges that the year would bring.

In these trying times, prayer is needed more than ever as people around the world face hardship and suffering. We need more individuals like Makhi Martin who pray for others and show genuine concern for the well-being of their fellow human beings.