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Bury an egg and banana in your garden and naturally boost your plants


In the world of gardening, innovation and sustainability often go hand-in-hand. A recent discovery has shown that everyday kitchen items like bananas and eggs can revolutionize the way we nurture our plants.

This simple yet effective method, which has gained popularity through millions of views on YouTube, offers a natural alternative to traditional gardening techniques.

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)/youtube

Gardening, often seen as a complex and time-consuming activity, can intimidate many. The intricacies of understanding each plant’s unique needs, from sunlight to water, can be daunting. However, this new approach simplifies the process, making gardening accessible to everyone, even those who don’t consider themselves experts.

The secret lies in the unexpected use of bananas and eggs. While they are staple foods in most kitchens, their role in the garden is less well-known but equally significant. Eggshells, rich in calcium and other minerals, offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to commercial fertilizers. Instead of investing in expensive products, gardeners can now turn to these readily available kitchen scraps. The whole egg, when buried and allowed to decompose, releases nutrients that prevent root rot, a common problem in plant cultivation.

Flickr / Ian Radic

Bananas, particularly their peels, are another treasure trove of nutrients. Packed with potassium, an essential element for plant health, banana peels decompose to enrich the soil. By combining these two kitchen items, gardeners can create an effective, natural fertilizer that costs almost nothing.

The method is straightforward. Start with a pot filled with about two inches of soil. Place a raw egg and a banana in the center, then cover them with more soil. Plant your desired seedling or plant in this enriched soil. As the egg and banana decompose, they will release their nutrients, providing a continuous source of nourishment for the growing plant.

This technique not only simplifies gardening but also promotes sustainability. Using old eggs and bananas that might otherwise be discarded reduces waste and gives them a new purpose. It’s a win-win situation for both the environment and your garden.

This approach is particularly timely as spring arrives, marking the perfect season to experiment with gardening. By employing this all-natural method, gardeners can enjoy the dual benefits of a thriving garden and significant cost savings. Sharing this knowledge can inspire more people to embrace this eco-friendly gardening hack, making a positive impact on both their gardens and the environment.