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If you see mysterious black dots in your kitchen, it’s important to understand what they mean


Imagine finding strange black dots all over your kitchen, from the tiles to the top of the family computer.

This is exactly what happened to one homeowner, who shared her puzzling discovery in a popular online community, hoping someone could shed some light on the mystery.

Credit / Facebook – WeLoveMrsHinch

The kitchen, where families prepare their meals, should be a place you feel in control, but these odd marks were causing quite the concern. The homeowner took to the Facebook group ‘WeLoveMrsHinch’ to seek advice, posting, “Does anyone have any idea what these points might be?”

Other community members were quick to respond, suggesting a culprit that might not have crossed many minds: spiders. Yes, spiders! It turns out, these little creatures can leave marks that look like ink stains, especially noticeable during certain times of the year when they are more active.

The marks are actually spider droppings, which are not solid but thick and liquid-like, resembling dark ink splats. These droppings can vary in color—black, brown, white, or grey—but are frequently the dark splats that had appeared in her kitchen.

Shutterstock / Aleksei Isachenko

Experts from the Pest Guidance website explain that these droppings are a combination of the spider’s food and other waste materials. It’s definitely a less-than-pleasant thought to consider spiders conducting their business where you eat!

So, next time you spot a mysterious mark in your home, you might just have a tiny eight-legged friend to thank. And while it might be a relief to know these marks aren’t harmful, it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye out for any unwanted house guests of the arachnid variety.