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Man discovers a mysterious slot in the back of his bathroom medicine cabinet


When Brandon Sutton set out to renovate his bathroom, he never imagined he’d stumble upon a hidden trove behind his medicine cabinet.

Tucked in a narrow slit at the back of the cabinet, Brandon found about 850 rusted razor blades—a reminder of a past era’s grooming practices.

Brandon described the find as discovering a “time capsule” in his Facebook post, where he shared a photo of the antique Star blades stacked up almost to the length of his forearm. This intriguing discovery shed light on the daily routines of the man who lived in his house many years ago.

A long time ago, men used straight-edged razors for a close shave, typically at a barbershop. However, in 1903, the introduction of the double-edged safety razor by Gillette changed everything, allowing men to easily shave at home. These razors needed careful disposal due to their sharpness and the risk they posed in trash that might be burned or buried.

Reader’s Digest explains that old-style medicine cabinets often featured a special slot in the back. This slot was designed to safely tuck away used blades into the wall’s interior, where they would accumulate over the years. These “razor blade banks” were a clever solution to prevent injuries from discarded blades.

The blades would fall into a space between the wall studs and rest there indefinitely—out of sight and mind. Brandon’s discovery of these blades offers a peek into such historical solutions to everyday problems.

This find intrigued many online, sparking conversations about the old disposal method. Some wondered how the blades were supposed to be cleared out, while others joked about the “out of sight, out of mind” approach seemingly taken by the designers.

This story not only highlights a quirky historical footnote but also reminds us of the changes in household technology over the decades. It poses questions about what other relics may be hidden within the walls of old homes, waiting to be uncovered.

What do you think about Brandon’s discovery and the old way of disposing of razor blades? Could there be more surprises hidden in the walls of our homes? Let us know your thoughts!