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Daughter won’t do chores to pay rent, internet calls dad a jerk


In a world where young adults struggle with high costs of living, one father and his daughter made a unique deal.

Twenty-year-old Anna, who is going to college, lives rent-free at her dad’s house. In return, she agreed to cook and clean. It seemed like a fair trade at first.

Anna’s father, known online as NoDivide4576, shared their story on a Reddit forum, explaining their arrangement.

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He said, “When she moved back home, we made a deal where she would cook and clean the house as a form of payment for her living here. She agreed to it, and we both thought it was fair.”

However, problems arose when Anna found the chores were taking too much time from her studies. She asked her dad if she could cook less often to focus on school. Her dad, wanting to stick to their original deal, told her that many students manage school while working full-time jobs, and she should appreciate the arrangement.

Feeling overwhelmed, Anna discussed her situation with her aunt, her father’s sister, who then suggested her brother might be too strict.

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The online community largely supported Anna, suggesting that her dad could ease her chores to help her succeed in school.

One commenter noted, “[You’re the a*****e] for not listening properly to your daughter. You say ‘many people do this, that and the other’, well your daughter is not many people. She is overwhelmed with the sum of her duties right now. She is just asking you not to have to cook some days of the week, so that she may catch up on her school work. Is that so terribly unreasonable? I don’t think so.”

As the debate continues, it raises questions about the balance between helping family and ensuring they can manage their responsibilities. What do you think? Was the dad too strict, or was he right in expecting Anna to stick to their agreement?