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A teacher teaches schoolgirls important life skills like changing tire and oil


Do you remember the home economics class? Those days appear to have passed. Finding an equal in schools today is a seemingly hard nut to crack.

One Australian foundation has received attention for teaching school-age girls. This foundation, which is in Sydney, is teaching vital lessons: How to maintain a car.


GalMatic is a non-profit organization that teaches women and teenagers the importance of vehicle maintenance. The organization prioritizes making sure the ladies do it well. Over one million Australian women have benefited from the organization since 2007. Some students who have benefited from the GalMatic classes attend Stella Maris College. This college is in New South Wales.

Stella Maris College shared photos of teens in school uniforms learning to change a tire in 2020.

Galmatic taught Year 11 Stella Maris College girls learn how to change a tire and check tire pressure, how to check oil, water, and coolant levels, what to do in the event of a minor car accident, and so much more. Many people praised the school and teacher for breaking the gender stereotype.


“Wow! This is incredible! ” I wish I could have taken part and learned this skill! “”Well done, Stella, for teaching our girls to be strong and self-sufficient,” one person stated.

According to the college, they have had similar programs for some time. While it may have appeared to be a new concept, the school has always had a similar program.

In a blog post, they wrote, “In teaching young women to be self-sufficient, Stella has always been ahead of the game.”


“Some former students recall doing this with Sister Pam and Mr. Regan in the 1970s and 1980s.” “Mr. Regan taught my class these car maintenance practices,’ one former student said. They’re still in use today, and I can change a tire like a champion!”

This is a fantastic idea! I firmly believe that our young women need these vital skills. Is there anything comparable in the United States?

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