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Woman under fire after calling out other women who go out without makeup


A TikToker named Sabrina Ali sparked an online discussion when she shared her views on women not wearing makeup to specific events. In her video, she emphasized the significance of makeup, especially for older women.

Sabrina created a buzz online after suggesting that women, especially as they age, should wear makeup to formal events.

She stated, “After a certain age, coming outside to any event that you’re all dressed up for and you have heels on with no makeup is unacceptable.” This statement led to wider conversations about beauty norms and the place of makeup in social functions.

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Sabrina Ali continued her argument, saying regardless of how attractive one believes they are without makeup, there’s a time and a place for a natural look. She urged individuals to “grow up” and learn how to apply makeup, suggesting it’s not always suitable to attend formal occasions without it.

She further added that learning makeup skills early on could save people money in the long run, as they wouldn’t have to pay for professional services. Through her remarks, Sabrina stressed the importance of not showing up to social events “looking beautiful but with a bare face.”

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Historically, makeup has been a part of human culture for millennia. Ancient Egyptians were early adopters of cosmetics. Although different societies have had their unique makeup traditions, daily makeup usage became more prevalent in the 19th century with the advent of better lighting and mirrors.

Interestingly, there was a proposal to ban makeup in Kansas in 1915, as it was thought to give a “false impression.” Regardless of such views, makeup’s popularity surged, particularly with the growth of the film and entertainment sectors.

The debate around Sabrina’s video might stem from the evolving perceptions of makeup in fashion and beauty. While makeup remains popular, it’s increasingly seen as a personal preference rather than a societal expectation.

Older generations might remember when makeup was almost mandatory for women stepping out. Sabrina’s views, though legitimate, could be rubbing some the wrong way given our modern, changing beauty ideals. How do you feel about this discussion? Share your thoughts below!