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72-year-old grandma who is struggling to raise her six great-grandchildren alone receives a Christmas miracle


Being a grandparent is often a joyous and rewarding experience, but raising great-grandchildren alone can be a struggle.

This is usually a challenging task, but one that many great-grandparents take on with love and determination.

Ms. Ella, a 72-year-old military widow, from Las Vegas, Nevada had been looking after her six grandchildren all by herself.

Ella would go above and beyond to make sure her grandchildren are well cared for and it was taking a toll on her.

But thanks to her best friend Alicestine Miller, known as Ms. Alice, who lives in California. Miller says that she never stops thinking about her best friend.

Ms. Alice reached out to Fox 5 Surprise Squad to ask for help for her friend who was going through a difficult time raising her grandchildren.

Ms. Ella was overcome with joy and gratitude when the Surprise Squad arrived at her door. “Oh Lord, they mean so much to me,” she told the Surprise Squad when they asked her about her great-grandchildren. “They’re my heart.”

The 72-year-old wouldn’t explain why she had taken in her great-grandchildren, just that she needed to save them.

Ms. Alice was flown in by the Surprise squad and after the tears were wiped from their eyes, the two best friends were treated to a spa day while a group of workers executed some urgently required repairs and maintenance.

Some members of the surprise squad drove up with a trailer full of brand-new furniture, carpets, children’s beds, and even a tree and decorations. Each of Ms. Ella’s children received a $500 gift card in addition to the new furniture, bedding, and other presents they received at her home.

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“They are going to have a fit,” Ms. Ella cried. “It’s a big Christmas miracle,” Ms. Ella’s great-granddaughter said when she saw her much-improved home.

But the surprise didn’t end there, the surprise squad paid Ms. Ella’s rent for the next year. Her reaction to the news is so heartwarming.

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