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Bride asks fiancé’s best man to change his hairstyle for their wedding


In a light-hearted yet intriguing story that recently emerged on the internet, a man, 30 years old, found himself at the center of an unexpected debate regarding wedding etiquette and personal style.

As the best man for his friend’s upcoming wedding, he was thrilled and had already prepared a heartfelt speech. However, things took a turn when he decided to debut a new hairstyle – a mullet, which he proudly shared on Instagram.

The new look, which the best man was quite fond of, didn’t sit well with the bride-to-be. She contacted him directly, with a blunt message requesting that he change his hairstyle before the wedding.

This demand came as a surprise to the best man, who found it odd that the bride would feel entitled to dictate the appearance of wedding guests.

This peculiar situation sparked a conversation on Reddit, where the best man sought opinions on whether the bride’s request was reasonable. The online community rallied in his support, affirming that he was not at fault.


This tale raises questions about the limits of a bride’s authority over a wedding’s aesthetics and how personal style fits into such formal occasions.

So, what’s your take on this quirky dilemma? Should wedding guests conform to the couple’s preferences, or is personal expression paramount? Share your thoughts in the comments below!