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How to easily grow unlimited tomatoes in your home—it’s easier than you imagine


If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, you might often find your refrigerator filled with more food than you can consume. This usually happens unintentionally, as I often find myself dining out more than anticipated.

The most disheartening part is disposing of food that was perfectly edible a few days ago. However, I’m currently making an effort to improve my eating habits, reduce waste, and simultaneously save some money.

One common item that tends to spoil before we get around to using it is overripe tomatoes. But after gaining this new knowledge, you might reconsider before throwing these out next time.

Rather than buying fresh tomatoes from the store, there’s actually a way for you to cultivate your own at home.

The YouTube channel, “The Wannabe Homesteader,” demonstrated how you can successfully grow tomatoes at home within a few weeks. They utilized simple materials, namely a pot, soil, and overripe tomatoes to achieve this feat!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to grow your own tomatoes at home using overripe tomatoes:

  1. Begin by cutting some overripe tomatoes into slices.
  2. Place these tomato slices into a pot that’s been filled with soil, then add a bit more soil on top to cover them.
  3. Hydrate the soil intermittently and wait for a period of 7-14 days. You should start seeing tomato plants beginning to grow.
  4. Once you identify the largest and most developed tomato plants, carefully select them for replanting in a separate pot.

You can see the simplicity of the process in the provided video. I hadn’t previously considered the possibility of cultivating tomato plants from overripe ones, and I presume I’m not the only one.

Be sure to share this handy tip with your Facebook friends! We can collectively work towards minimizing food waste and simultaneously relish the taste of our own juicy homegrown tomatoes!