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“Survivor” champion, age 52, pledges to give an entire $1 million prize to help veterans in need


Mike Gabler from Meridian, Idaho, has secured a spot as the second oldest winner in the long-running reality show, “Survivor.” At 52 years old, Gabler gained immense popularity during the 43rd season of the competition.

Working as a heart valve expert at Edwards Lifesciences for nearly two decades, Gabler managed to avoid receiving any votes against him throughout the season. His fellow contestants almost unanimously selected him as the winner, demonstrating his strong performance and likeability.

Mike Gabler’s impressive victory on “Survivor” has not only brought him fame but also a $1 million prize. This substantial amount is a significant incentive for many contestants, as it can make a considerable difference in their lives. However, it’s Gabler’s decision on what to do with the prize money that truly sets him apart.

Instead of keeping the winnings for himself, Gabler announced that he would donate the entire $1 million to Veterans in Need. He expressed his desire to honor his father, Robert Gable, through this generous act, which has further elevated his reputation and garnered admiration from many.

“We made history here this season,” Gabler said. “Season 43 is a special season because of these special people, and we’re going to make history another way. There are people who need this money more and I’m going to donate the entire prize in my father’s name to Veterans in Need.”

Mike Gabler shared his enthusiasm about participating in “Survivor,” describing the experience as “incredible.” He praised both the crew and his fellow castaways, highlighting the wonderful adventure they shared together during the season. The popular reality show took place in the Fiji Islands once again.

Furthermore, Gabler expressed his gratitude for coming from a military family, which played a role in shaping his values and inspired his decision to donate his prize money to Veterans in Need. This connection to the military is an important aspect of Gabler’s life and has influenced his actions in a positive way.

Mike Gabler explained his decision to donate the prize money during a conversation with the show’s host, Jeff Probst. Gabler acknowledged his hard work and fortune, but emphasized that his experience on “Survivor” made him realize he already had a rich life at home. He is grateful for his amazing family and friends.

Gabler also expressed his intention to improve in his roles as a husband, father, brother, and son. He believes that just like the other contestants, he will return home with the motivation to become better in all aspects of his life, thanks to the lessons learned from his time on the show.

Mike Gabler reflected on the current state of the world and the role of “Survivor” in providing viewers with inspiring moments. He believes that the show’s 43rd season is another example of how amazing things can happen, as he plans to donate his entire $1 million prize to help veterans in need.

Gabler expressed his gratitude for being a part of this incredible journey and emphasized that it was a collective effort. His remarkable gesture has undoubtedly touched many people, and he certainly deserves all the praise and admiration for his selfless decision to make a difference in the lives of veterans.