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Retired police officer saves baby trapped in a hot air car using a sledge hammer

"She was sweating, crying, and her eyes were rolling back," he told CBS New York. Everyone wishes to have children they can love and care for. Some people, unfortunately, have children but are not good parents. They are careless with their babies, and as a result, their children get exposed to environmental hazards. When the temperatures... Read more


Sally leaped to her feet as soon as she saw the surgeon emerge from the operating room. She asked if the little boy would be okay. She asked the surgeon to allow her to see him. "I'm sorry," the surgeon said. "We did everything we could, but your boy did not survive." "Why do small children... Read more

Meet Ahmed who has participated in over 30 trips around the world

Traveling can be enjoyable, but going on more than 30 trips is incredible. When you travel, you satisfy your curiosity and create memories. Ahmed El Sherif is a 71-year-old Egyptian citizen who has traveled to 32 different places and has a strong desire to travel the world. His love of travel began in college, and... Read more

Mississippi guard cat who helped stop a burglary gets credit from the owner

When we think of our domesticated pets, we think of them as good companions who protect our lives when dangers arise. After detecting intruders, a cat in Mississippi saves its owner's life in the middle of the night. Fred Everitt's calico cat, the Bandit, saved his life, says Fred Everitt, 68, of Belden, Mississippi. Her meows... Read more

Blind Woman with Albinism Breaks Barriers as a Swimmer and Pageant Winner-Very ‘strong’

Individuals must go against the grain and avoid limiting themselves to disabilities. Everyone was created by God for a reason. We should concentrate on what we can do rather than our physical limitations. Meet Mackenzie Strong, a blind albino woman who wants to educate others. She balances being Vice President of the Student Body and... Read more

Diane Cade—A three-time cancer survivor, tells her story

According to healthresearchfunding.org, hairy cell leukemia affects 52,380 people in the United States. This condition affects 22,288 women in the United States. Hairy cell leukemia is rare, accounting for about 2% of all leukemia. Diane Cade has survived hairy cell leukemia twice in her life. She has recently survived uterine cancer and has resorted to... Read more

23-year-old woman defies the odds and graduates from college-after 40 cancer surgeries

23-year-old woman defies the odds and graduates from college-after 40 cancer surgeries
If God is on your side, nothing can stand in your way. He never fails, for God will go with you on your journey through difficult times. McKenzy Hupke, 23, of Florida, received a diagnosis of Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck in March 2015. Everyone, including her doctors, predicted she would... Read more

Two 5-year-old best friends shave the same style so they’ll no longer have differences

Children are always genuine, especially with their innocent friendship styles. They form good groups as they grow, and they do anything to make each other happy. They have hearts that lack prejudice as compared to adults who harbor hatred and racism. Two children vowed to be best friends forever and decided to shave the same... Read more

Man who spent months at roadside asking for help now thanks locals after landing a job: “I start work on Monday”

People could be having problems, but we tend to ignore them, especially when they carry placards on the roadside that bear messages asking for food and jobs. We presume they are scammers or people who will put our donations to inappropriate use. One man proved to the public that the help he received from random... Read more

Young boy stops police officer and asks to pray with her—may he be blessed

Little children brought up by godly parents will amaze you because they always want to share the love of Christ with their peers and adults. The story we have today is about a young kid on his way to school who stops and prompts a police officer to join him in prayer. Dykes, who works... Read more

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