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Photographer gives birth to twins— then takes amazing photos of her albino daughter

Every child born is a blessing from God because the process of delivery is entirely miraculous. Every new baby is beautiful in its own unique way. It makes no difference what color they are, what race or religion they follow, who their parents are, or what they may have done in their lives. The twins... Read more

A farmer discovers a newborn calf frozen in the snow and saves his life with a hot tub

Animals, like human beings, are prone to many dangers in their lives that keep them uncomfortable. They are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, which is why it is always inspiring when humans go out of their way to keep them warm. Like one farmer who came up with an unexpected solution to save the life of... Read more

Brothers who lost both parents and nearly their home receive help after contractor stole their money

When neighbors come in handy to help you in a community, it replenishes lost hope and keeps you rejuvenated. A loving community around you will always help when you least expect it. On a day they had lost hope, happiness, and joy paid a visit to Jaylen Gray and Julian Nicholson. The two brothers from... Read more

A 15-year-old dog who was about to be put down at a shelter is now living her best life after being adopted by a veterinarian.

Netty, a mixed pit bull, arrived at a Pennsylvania SPCA shelter in 2010 and was adopted three days later. After 12 years, Netty lost what she called home when she was returned to the same shelter this summer. Her owners abandoned her. Maddie Bernstein, the Pennsylvania SPCA's manager, says she was elderly and had some incontinence... Read more

How a school event volunteer mom saved a police sergeant during a life-threatening emergency

August 20, 2022, was a bad day for a Cleveland police officer. He was having fun at Carver Park Estates, which ended in a near-death situation. The sergeant was playing football when an angry bee stung him on his left and right wrists. They were playing football with his colleague, Brooklyn, when the incident occurred. The... Read more

A generous tip from a kind customer leaves the server in tears and she responds in the most touching way ever

Showing random acts of kindness is very good. For example, buying a 10-dollar item at 15 from a humble seller will help them well. Kind acts come to people when they most need them. My boss is always giving out tips when we are out for lunch. He reminds me that doing that can... Read more

School janitor becomes principal of elementary school where he once worked: ‘I am blessed’

When your timing is right, your clock runs very fast. We can call it God's speed. Patience pays; what fate has for you will always come to pass. Pray, because each day is a day destined for good things. Everyone needs promotion, better pay, greener pastures, and scholarships. God provides all these when He... Read more

Going to church does not make you a good person—Pope Francis Says

The Bible says that many will receive the call, but few will get the price. My opinion tells me that so many churchgoers are not all genuine. I am, but reasoning aloud. We believe God is looking at your heart because a good heart does good things. Pope Francis is with me in my school... Read more

Toddler has the cutest fit when she hears grandma say “Bad word”

Young children are always amazing and that is why we are always warned to check and see what we utter. When you are around them try not to be careless with what you say. Children will sometimes say words exactly how you said them. Here is a story of a young girl who scolded her... Read more

Two-year-old girl dressed up as Queen Elizabeth received a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace

The life of Queen Elizabeth II was one that people all over the world loved. People all over the world have been mourning Queen Elizabeth II. They are reflecting on her historic life since her death last week. I will share one adorable story from last year that reminds us of her impact on people... Read more

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23-year-old woman defies the odds and graduates from college-after 40 cancer surgeries

23-year-old woman defies the odds and graduates from college-after 40 cancer surgeries

If God is on your side, nothing can stand in your way. He never fails, for God will go with you on your journey...
This stray dog barks aggressively at oncoming traffic to keep kids safe as they cross the street

This stray dog barks aggressively at oncoming traffic to keep kids safe as they...

Dogs are the only animal that is considered man’s best friend. They can easily read our emotions and intentions and willingly serve us. Without a...