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Am I wrong for asking my pregnant daughter to move out?


In the world of parenting, every mom and dad wants the best for their kids and always tries to be there to reassure them, even during tough times.

For 19-year-old Rose, her mom, Ella, was such a source of comfort—especially when she began dating Nathan. Although Ella was initially unsure about Nathan, she grew to accept and appreciate how respectfully he treated her daughter.

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However, Ella worried about Rose’s future, especially her education, fearing that a serious relationship might distract her from her college dreams. Rose, however, promised her mom that she would stay focused on her studies.

One day, Rose came to her mom with some surprising news. She was nervous and told her mom, “Please don’t get upset, am pregnant with Nathan’s baby. You’re going to be a grandmother” Ella was taken aback, imagining the new challenges her daughter would face. But Rose reassured her, “I know you wanted me to secure my future first, but this baby and Nathan are a big part of it.”

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Rose had even more news. She revealed that Nathan had proposed to her, showing her engagement ring to her mom. Despite her initial fears, Ella felt relieved and offered them a place to stay until they could get their own home. They soon turned one of the rooms into a nursery, filling it with joy and anticipation.

However, life threw them a curveball. Ella came home early one day, excited to show Rose the baby items she had bought, only to find Rose in an unexpected situation with an unfamiliar man in their home. The man was not Nathan.

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Heartbroken and confused, Ella demanded answers. The situation escalated quickly, and the man left hurriedly. Rose tried to explain, but the betrayal was too much for Ella. She told Rose she needed time and space to think and decide on the future of their relationship.

As Rose gathered her belongings, Ella was torn between her anger and her role as a mother. She even took to social media to seek advice on whether she should tell Nathan about the incident and whether kicking Rose out was too harsh.

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“Should I unveil this painful truth to Nathan? Was my decision to protect what remains of our family’s integrity correct? Or am I a mother scorned, acting out of hurt rather than wisdom?”

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