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During a long flight, a boy kept kicking my seat – my dad taught his parents a lesson


Flying can be exciting for some and nerve-wracking for others. One family’s long journey turned into a lesson about consideration after a frustrating encounter.

During a lengthy flight, a family of three—a mom, dad, and their young daughter—hoped for a smooth trip. However, shortly after takeoff, a problem arose. A young boy seated behind them began kicking the daughter’s seat relentlessly. Despite complaints to the boy’s parents, the nuisance continued, barely pausing before resuming.


With the boy’s parents unresponsive, the girl’s father decided to act. He fully reclined his seat, directly impacting the boy’s mother sitting behind him. This prompted the couple to seek help from a flight attendant, but the father stood his ground, asserting his right to recline his seat. This action led to a brief exchange of words, and finally, the boy stopped his disruptive kicking.

The father chose to keep his seat reclined for an additional hour to drive the lesson home, showing the couple the discomfort their son was causing. Observers on the flight supported the father’s decision, feeling it was a justified response to teach the boy and his parents a lesson about respecting others’ space.

Pexels/ Rahul Singh

On social media, people cheered on the father’s strategic move, with one suggesting he should have waited to recline when the couple had drinks, causing a spill as an extra lesson. Another remarked that sometimes people don’t realize the impact of their actions until they experience similar discomfort themselves.

This incident not only brought peace to the family’s row but also sparked a wider conversation online about dealing with rudeness in public spaces.

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