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Newborn baby won’t stop crying, then parents something hidden in his crib


Walter and Abby were exhausted and worried about their son, Logan, who wouldn’t stop crying. Despite trying everything—feeding, changing, and comforting him—nothing seemed to work.

Logan’s cries echoed through their home day and night. In their desperation, they even consulted a doctor who reassured them that it might just be a temporary phase.


One particularly challenging day, Walter decided to investigate everything in Logan’s environment, starting with his crib. To his astonishment, he discovered a large stone hidden in the mattress. Holding the baffling stone, Walter asked Abby in disbelief, “For God’s sake Abby, why would you put a stone this big inside Logan’s mattress?”

Abby was equally stunned as she had never seen that stone before. The confusion deepened until Walter’s mom arrived and revealed, “Walter, why did you take the stone out? I bought it especially for my grandson.”

Marcin Jozwiak/ Pexels

She explained her belief that the stone would “catch his dreams and let him sleep.” Abby, struggling to contain her frustration, replied, “How can you put something inside the baby’s crib and then forget about it? So many sleepless night over what? A stone!?”

Despite the initial turmoil and confusion, the situation calmed down. Walter’s mom apologized, realizing her good intentions had unintended consequences.

Abby and Walter, understanding her motive was to help, forgave her. With the stone removed, Logan finally found comfort in his crib and drifted off to sleep peacefully, ending months of distress and sleepless nights for the young family.