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Bradley Cooper faces harsh mockery for being a ‘Mama’s boy’ after he brought his 83-year-old mom to the Oscars


In the wake of the Oscars, a spectacle renowned for its dazzling display and celebratory atmosphere, it often takes a bit of time to fully absorb the array of happenings and highlights.

This year was no exception, with the event brimming with noteworthy moments that quickly captured the attention of media outlets globally.


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One of the standout successes of the evening was “Oppenheimer,” which, along with its cast and crew, received widespread acclaim. However, the Oscars were not without their share of surprises and unconventional moments. John Cena’s unexpected stage appearance without attire and Al Pacino’s direct leap to announcing the Best Picture winner, bypassing the usual nomination run-through, were among the topics that sparked immediate buzz.

Amidst these headline-grabbing occurrences, a more subtle yet heartwarming story emerged concerning Bradley Cooper, an actor of considerable repute. Despite being momentarily overshadowed by the more sensational news, Cooper’s choice of Oscars companion eventually garnered the recognition it deserved online.

For fans of Bradley Cooper, recent speculations around his relationship with Gigi Hadid might have been of interest. Reports suggested a blossoming romance, with insiders noting the pair’s happiness and harmonious co-parenting dynamics. Yet, it was revealed that Hadid would not be attending the Oscars, opting instead to stay home with her daughter.

In a touching display of family affection, Cooper attended the 96th Academy Awards not with Hadid but alongside his 83-year-old mother, Gloria Campano. Nominated for Best Actor for his role in “Maestro,” Cooper chose a sleek, double-breasted black suit by Louis Vuitton for the occasion. However, it was his mother, Gloria, who truly captured the admiration of those at the Dolby Theater and beyond.

Photos and comments swiftly spread across social media, celebrating the mother-son pair’s appearance. Admirers praised the gesture, highlighting the closeness of their relationship and Cooper’s commendable character for honoring his mother at such a significant event.

Despite the positivity, some critics viewed Cooper’s decision through a less favorable lens, with a few going as far as to label the act “creepy.” These detractors, however, represent a minority viewpoint, overshadowed by the overwhelming support for Cooper’s choice.

Bradley Cooper’s decision to share this momentous occasion with his mother speaks volumes about their special bond. Reports indicate that Gloria Campano has even moved into Cooper’s Los Angeles home, further illustrating their close relationship. “I love having my mother living with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cooper has stated, underscoring the deep connection they share.

As the Oscars continue to be a platform for cinematic celebration, Bradley Cooper’s gesture reminds us of the enduring value of family and personal bonds in the face of global acclaim. What are your thoughts on Cooper’s decision to take his mother to the Oscars? Share your views in the comments below.