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Daughter finally allowed to collect family memories from deceased father’s house taken over by squatter


Donna Kent inherited her father’s home in New York when he passed away in 2021. However, she didn’t visit the property for six years. During this time, a man named Kyle moved in and lived there without paying rent.

Kyle admitted he knew he wasn’t supposed to be living in the house. He had been waiting for someone to show up and claim it. When Donna finally arrived, Kyle welcomed her warmly. He told NewsNation, “I figured eventually somebody would show up, but nobody showed up.I understood the situation clearly that somebody would come back and how would it make them feel if I told them I threw away their parents’ property.”


Kyle had kept Donna’s father’s belongings safe in the attic. Donna was able to retrieve many of her father’s treasured items, including a collection of baseball cards and old family photos. She found boxes of ashes, which she initially feared were human remains. However, she realized they were likely the ashes of deceased pets, which brought her some relief.

Donna was overwhelmed by the experience, saying, “At this point, I’m just sort of overwhelmed to be honest.” Despite Kyle living in the house rent-free, Donna bore no ill will towards him. She was glad to have the chance to see the house and her father’s belongings.


Kyle insists he did nothing illegal, explaining, “I am [a squatter]. Technically that is what it is, but I didn’t break in, and I didn’t come in illegally. It’s just, they stopped coming and collecting rent.”

The future of Kyle’s stay in the house remains uncertain, but the encounter provided Donna with a sense of closure as she reclaimed her father’s possessions.