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Firefighter reveals Princess Diana’s heartbreaking last words to the public


On the early morning of August 31, 1997, the world was stunned by the tragic death of Princess Diana. The beloved Princess of Wales died in a horrific car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver, Henri Paul, also lost their lives. The only survivor was bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.

Firefighter Xavier Gourmelon was one of the first responders at the scene. He recently shared his memories of Princess Diana’s final moments. Gourmelon revealed that he was the last person to hear her speak.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the chaos of the crash, Diana’s last words were, “My God, what’s happened?” These simple words expressed her fear and confusion. Gourmelon and his team initially thought her injuries were not life-threatening, as she appeared stable at the scene.

Despite her apparent stability, Diana’s condition quickly worsened. Gourmelon and his team worked hard to save her. “I massaged her heart, and she started breathing again. I thought we had saved her,” Gourmelon recalled.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After being freed from the car, Diana was rushed to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, she died a few hours later due to severe internal injuries, including a severed pulmonary vein.

Princess Diana’s death shocked the world, leading to an outpouring of grief. Known as the “People’s Princess,” her kindness and humanitarian work touched millions. Her funeral on September 6, 1997, was attended by thousands, with millions more watching on TV.

Many investigations followed the crash, concluding that the driver, Henri Paul, lost control due to being intoxicated and speeding. However, various conspiracy theories have emerged, suggesting other possible causes.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Even over two decades later, Princess Diana is remembered fondly. Xavier Gourmelon’s account of her final words adds a touching detail to her story. Diana’s legacy continues to inspire charitable work and advocacy worldwide, ensuring that the memory of the Princess of Wales lives on.

The revelation of Diana’s final words reminds us of life’s fragility and the bravery of first responders like Xavier Gourmelon, who strive to save lives in the most challenging situations. As we honor Diana’s legacy, her final moments highlight her lasting impact on the world.