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Hoda Kotb shares a heartfelt update about her 4-year-old’s health scare in the ICU


In a heartfelt story that speaks to the fears and challenges faced by parents worldwide, Hoda Kotb, the beloved co-host of the “Today” show, recently opened up about a harrowing chapter in her life.

Last year, Kotb faced every parent’s nightmare when her youngest daughter, Hope, was rushed into intensive care. At just four years old, Hope battled a health crisis that kept her hospitalized for more than a week, a situation Kotb described as a “scary stretch.”

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Despite the gravity of Hope’s condition, which required constant vigilance from medical professionals, Kotb and her family chose not to disclose the specifics of the diagnosis, emphasizing the privacy and sensitivity required in handling a child’s health ordeal. Kotb’s reflections on this difficult period reveal a journey marked by fear, helplessness, and the determination to maintain normalcy amid chaos.

Kotb took a brief hiatus from her television duties in February 2023 to be by her daughter’s side, demonstrating the balancing act parents perform between their professional responsibilities and their paramount role as caregivers. This ordeal was not just a test of Hope’s resilience but also a profound lesson for Kotb, who strives to shield her daughter from the weight of worry that such situations inevitably bring.

“I’m not going to put my worry on her. It’s too much for a kid to carry,” Kotb shared with People, shedding light on the conscious effort to preserve Hope’s childhood innocence despite the looming anxieties that such health scares evoke. This experience has also been a testament to Kotb’s strength and her capacity to nurture Hope’s spirit, ensuring that her child feels secure and loved without being burdened by adult concerns.


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Beyond the immediate fears and challenges, Kotb’s story is also one of hope and the transformative power of motherhood. Having adopted both Hope and her older sister, Haley, Kotb has openly discussed her journey to motherhood, one that she embarked on later in life. Her candidness about the fears of having left it too late to become a mother resonates with many, reflecting a vulnerability that many feel but seldom voice.

The moment Kotb received the call that would change her life forever, signaling the arrival of her daughter, is a poignant reminder of the unexpected joys that can emerge from the most uncertain of paths. “I remember never saying out loud that I wanted kids, never, because it was too late,” Kotb reflected. Yet, her decision to pursue adoption opened a new chapter, one filled with love, challenges, and immeasurable rewards.

As Hope continues on her path to recovery, the Kotb family’s experience underscores the universal truths of parenting: the fear of the unknown, the fierce protectiveness over our children, and the deep wells of strength we find within ourselves in our darkest hours.