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Jeremy Renner shares a video about physical recovery, saying, ‘so my body can recover…’


Renowned actor Jeremy Renner, who rose to fame for his portrayal of Hawkeye in the Marvel Avengers series, experienced a severe accident on New Year’s Day when a snow plow struck him. His condition was initially critical, causing great concern among his fans.

Thankfully, Renner is now recuperating. He has been keeping his followers informed about his slow and challenging recovery process.

The 52-year-old actor was injured when he pushed his nephew out of harm’s way and ended up being hit by the plow himself. He sustained serious injuries, including over 30 broken bones, chest trauma, and orthopedic injuries. As a result, he underwent emergency surgery.

Since the incident, the actor has been keeping his fans informed about his recovery progress. In a recent update, he shared a video of himself walking on a treadmill. Along with the video, he expressed his determination to rest and heal, stating, “Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will.”

In the video, the actor demonstrated his determination and progress over the past three months after the serious accident that left him critically injured. He humorously mentioned that he is now “in the shop” to work on himself, alluding to his ongoing physical therapy and various treatments aimed at recovery. The actor also revealed that he has been using electric stimulation on his leg as a method to heal and regain mobility.

Renner has expressed his commitment to improving his emotional and physical well-being. He was touched by a heartfelt message from his nephew, which he shared on social media. In the note, the nephew mentioned feeling fortunate to have an uncle who is both an Avenger and survived an accident.

The actor posted the endearing note on Instagram and expressed his love and gratitude for his young nephew, Auggie. It is not certain if Auggie is the same nephew the actor saved from a dangerous situation earlier.

We send warm regards to actor Jeremy Renner on his road to recovery following a distressing incident.