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Homeless man who honestly returned a $10k check to its owner is rewarded with a house and job training


Elmer Alvarez, a man who was homeless, found a lost check for $10,000 in New Haven, Connecticut. Despite his difficult circumstances, Elmer chose to seek out the owner of the check instead of keeping it for himself.

The check belonged to Roberta Hoskie, a successful real estate agent. Elmer, who had been clean for three years and was trying to turn his life around, said he never thought about using the check for himself.


When Roberta learned about Elmer’s honesty, she was determined to meet and thank him. Expecting a well-dressed man, she was surprised to meet Elmer, who was homeless and had limited English proficiency.

This encounter shattered her stereotypes about homeless people. Roberta, who had experienced hardship herself as a teen mother living in a shelter, was moved by Elmer’s gesture. She decided to help him, starting by giving him a thank-you check, which brought Elmer to tears.


Roberta shared their meeting on Facebook Live to change people’s perceptions of the homeless. She then went on to provide substantial support to Elmer. She found him an apartment, paid his rent for seven months, and even enrolled him in real estate school to work in her company.


Inspired by their experiences, Roberta and Elmer are now planning to build a transitional house for homeless teenagers and young adults, providing essential services and support.

This story is a beautiful reminder of the impact of kindness and how helping someone can lead to a ripple effect of goodwill. Elmer’s choice to return the check and Roberta’s response have not only changed their lives but also set an example of compassion and empathy for others.