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How a school event volunteer mom saved a police sergeant during a life-threatening emergency


August 20, 2022, was a bad day for a Cleveland police officer. He was having fun at Carver Park Estates, which ended in a near-death situation.

The sergeant was playing football when an angry bee stung him on his left and right wrists. They were playing football with his colleague, Brooklyn, when the incident occurred.

The bee poison quickly spread into his body and caused allergic reactions. Sgt. Ray O’Connor, who was bitten by the bee, is an administrative sergeant with the Cleveland Police Department’s Fourth District.

The onlookers realized that the police officer’s life was in a life-threatening situation, for he yielded to the sting and fell from unconsciousness shortly after.

They rushed to get Sgt. O’Connor to their police cruiser for first aid. Tomika Johnson saw what had happened and grabbed her son’s EpiPen from her house, which officer Barnes then handed to the unconscious police officer. It kept him stable until EMS arrived.

Sgt. O’Connor thought he was dying and told the rest of the squad car to tell his girlfriend that he loved her and that she should consider giving his dog to another cop to raise.

They were rushed to St. Vincent Hospital. At this hospital, he received the necessary medical treatment. The life-saving EpiPen helped the situation most, for we would lose Sgt. O’Connor.

An epinephrine injection, an EpiPen, lowers severe or life-threatening allergic reactions. If a person is prone to severe allergic reactions, they should always carry an EpiPen.

An EpiPen works and saves lives by stimulating heat and improving breathing. It also helps with raising blood pressure and reducing swelling in the throat, lips, and face. It also works well in hive relief.

Tomika understands the significance of having an EpiPen on hand. Zaire, her 10-year-old son, is also allergic to everything, and that’s why she keeps EpiPens stocked throughout the house.

Tomika is grateful that she was in the right place at the right time. She insists that she only did what was necessary and that this does not make her a hero, yet the Fourth District Station insisted on honoring her bravery.


The sergeant met his guardian angel, Tomika Johnson, after his release from the hospital the next day and joined her in her son’s birthday celebration. He was accompanied by Officer Barnes, with whom they brought over some birthday gifts and a $100 gift card to the event to say thank you.

Tomika believes in the power of kindness; being kind to everyone and hoping for the same in return.

Sgt. Ray O’Connor and Tomika Johnson were in the same place on that fateful day. They are everyday superheroes, brave cops, and quick-thinking mothers!