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Hugh Jackman reveals the truth following the confirmation of a new cancer scare


Hugh Jackman recently shared that he is undergoing medical tests due to concerns about skin cancer. The acclaimed actor, known for his role in the X-Men series, was first diagnosed with the disease in 2013 and has since undergone multiple treatments, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

In a recent social media post, the 54-year-old Jackman, seen with a bandage on his nose, used his personal experience as a reminder for his fans to always wear sunscreen and be cautious in the sun. He is currently awaiting test results, which he expects to receive in the coming days.


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Jackman discussed his current health situation, explaining that doctors have observed small indications that might be basal cell carcinomas, but it remains uncertain. Basal cell carcinoma is a highly prevalent type of skin cancer, originating in the skin’s basal layer.

Although this form of cancer can be disfiguring, treatment is generally successful, with at least 90% of non-melanoma skin cancer patients experiencing positive outcomes. As such, the prognosis for those with basal cell carcinoma is typically optimistic.

The X-men star shared with his fans that he has been diagnosed with the least dangerous type of skin cancer. He took this opportunity to stress the importance of using sunscreen to protect oneself from the sun’s harmful effects.


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Jackman urged his followers to prioritize safety over tanning, saying that wearing sunscreen is worth it. He also mentioned that his diagnosis is due to sun exposure from 25 years ago, highlighting the long-lasting effects of sun damage.

With over 31 million followers on Instagram, the actor wanted to share the news personally, informing his fans about the biopsies he underwent. He hopes that by sharing his experience, more people will take precautions to stay safe in the sun.

“Please wear sunscreen, it is just not worth it, no matter how much you want a tan. Trust me!” he said.

“This is all stuff that happened 25 years ago and it’s coming out now. Put some sunscreen on and you’ll still have an incredible time out there. Please be safe.”


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When Jackman was nominated for a BAFTA in 2012, he openly discussed his ongoing battle with cancer. He has undergone several procedures to address the issue, attributing his condition to frequent sun exposure during his childhood in Australia.

According to the National Health Service (NHS), basal cell carcinoma often presents as a small, glossy pink or pearly-white growth with a translucent or waxy look. Over time, this lump may grow, become crusty, bleed, or transform into a painless sore.

Jackman’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of sun protection and regular skin check-ups, especially for those with fair skin and a history of sun exposure. The actor has bravely shared his story to raise awareness about skin cancer and promote preventive measures.

We wish Hugh Jackman continued happiness and good health. The fight against cancer is ongoing, and we eagerly anticipate a future free from this devastating illness.