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John Lennon’s son Julian surprises everyone by singing his father’s song ‘Imagine’ for the very first time


Julian Lennon, the son of legendary musician John Lennon, had previously pledged never to perform his father’s famous peace song, “Imagine,” unless the world was on the brink of collapse.

However, in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the 59-year-old artist decided it was time for the world to be reminded of the song’s message. As a result, he took part in the 2022 Global Citizen’s Stand Up for Ukraine fundraising event, where he performed the iconic track.


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Delivering a simple yet impactful version of “Imagine,” which originally debuted in 1971, Julian’s performance carried the same power as his father’s timeless anthem. The song’s message of peace and unity proved to be relevant and significant in today’s world, where many are seeking solace amidst the turmoil.

Moved by the situation in Ukraine, Julian Lennon felt it was essential to take meaningful action. He explained that the song “Imagine” symbolizes the hope for light at the end of the tunnel, which people around the world are desperately seeking. The ongoing conflict has led to countless innocent families being uprooted from their homes and forced to search for safety elsewhere.

The crisis in Ukraine has resulted in over 4.5 million refugees fleeing the country since the war began in late February. Julian’s decision to perform his father’s iconic song serves as a reminder of the need for unity, peace, and support for those affected by the conflict.


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At the Global Citizen’s fundraiser, where Julian Lennon performed, over $10 billion was pledged to aid Ukrainian refugees, as reported by Deadline. The contributions came from a variety of sources, including governments, businesses, and individuals across the globe, accounting for half of the donations. The other half was provided through grants and loans from European public financial institutions.

Julian, the son of John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, urged people not only to support refugees from Ukraine but also to assist those in search of a better life worldwide. This appeal highlights the importance of solidarity and compassion in the face of global challenges and crises.

Julian Lennon passionately called on world leaders and everyone who believes in the message of “Imagine” to stand up for refugees everywhere. He encouraged people to advocate and donate wholeheartedly to support those in need.

Many find Julian’s rendition of “Imagine” and his plea to help war refugees in Ukraine to be truly touching and beautiful. His heartfelt performance and call to action serve as powerful reminders of the importance of compassion and unity in times of crisis.