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Laura Dern shares how her fiancé secretly left her for another woman


Laura Dern, a well-known actress, faced a surprising and painful turn in her life when her fiancé, Billy Bob Thornton, abruptly left her.

Thornton, an actor and musician, made headlines when he left Dern for another actress, Angelina Jolie. This unexpected breakup turned Dern’s world upside-down and left her in shock, needing time to heal.

In the late 1990s, Dern and Thornton were a Hollywood couple. They started dating in 1997, soon after Dern’s separation from actor Jeff Goldblum. At that time, Thornton was still finalizing his divorce from his fourth wife, Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Their relationship seemed strong, and they were engaged, planning a future together.


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However, everything changed in 1999 when Thornton met Angelina Jolie on the set of the movie “Pushing Tin.” Jolie, known for her wild and free-spirited personality, was in a relationship with actor Timothy Hutton. Despite their existing relationships, Thornton and Jolie quickly fell for each other. By May 2000, they were married in a small ceremony in Los Angeles, shocking everyone, especially Dern.

The newlyweds were known for their intense public displays of affection. Jolie tattooed Thornton’s name on her body, and they wore necklaces containing vials of each other’s blood. Despite their passionate start, their relationship faced difficulties and ended in divorce by 2002.

For Dern, the sudden breakup was devastating. She recalled in an interview with InStyle that she had left their home to work on a movie, and while she was away, Thornton married Jolie. She never heard from him again, which added to her heartbreak.

Thornton expressed regret in a 2021 interview, but he never admitted to any wrongdoing. He said, “Others may say that you left our girl and married someone else. But it made me happy and somebody else happy. I’m sorry it caused pain.”

Adding an interesting twist to the story, Dern and Jolie had a connection from their childhood. Dern babysat Jolie when they were young. Bruce Dern, Laura’s father, remembered this time, noting that Jon Voight, Jolie’s father, was a friend of his. This past connection made the situation even more surprising.

After the breakup, Dern found support from her friend, musician Melissa Etheridge. Etheridge helped Dern move out of the house she shared with Thornton. In an interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusFM radio show, Etheridge shared how she helped Dern during this difficult time, even breaking into the house to retrieve Dern’s belongings.

Despite the heartbreak, Dern eventually found happiness. She married musician Ben Harper, and they had two children together. Recently, she has been linked to former NBA star Baron Davis.

Laura Dern shares how her fiancé secretly left her for another woman

Thornton, on the other hand, stopped dating celebrities after his divorce from Jolie. In 2014, he married puppeteer Connie Angland, and they have been together since.

Laura Dern’s story is one of resilience and strength. Despite facing a sudden and painful breakup, she managed to heal, find love again, and continue her successful career. Her journey reminds us that even in the face of heartbreak, there is hope for a brighter future.