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Man, once predicted to die at 2, now a father of cute twins, hits back at trolls criticizing his disability


In a small town in Michigan, a man named Austin Jones is redefining what it means to live a full life. Born in 1996 with a rare and challenging condition called spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD), Austin was not expected to live beyond two years.

But today, at 27, he’s a loving husband, a proud father of twins, and a successful business owner. His journey is not just a story of survival; it’s a testament to the power of hope, determination, and love.

The Unexpected Path of Life

Austin’s life has been a series of overcoming odds. Diagnosed with SMARD, a condition that leads to muscle weakness, paralysis, and respiratory failure, he was given a grim prognosis. The National Association of Rare Disorders notes that muscle weakness in SMARD typically stops progressing after two years, but the effects can be severe in young children. Despite these challenges, Austin has thrived. Since a respiratory failure in 2003, he has relied on a ventilator and a wheelchair, but these have not dampened his spirit.

Turning Challenges into Blessings

Austin sees his condition not as a curse, but as the “biggest blessing possible.” He shares his inspiring perspective on Live Intrepid, his clothing company’s website. The company, which embodies Austin’s philosophy of living fearlessly and adventurously, also supports awareness and funding for SMARD, a condition affecting only about 100 people worldwide.

A Life Full of Adventures and Love

Austin’s zest for life has taken him to 38 states, where he’s pursued his dreams and formed countless friendships. But perhaps the most significant turn in his journey came through social media. In 2021, Austin met Muckala, a single mom with a three-month-old daughter, Hazel. Their connection was instant and deep. After seven months of dating, Muckala and Hazel joined Austin, and the trio became a family. In August 2023, Austin and Muckala married, and soon welcomed their twins, Penelope and Poppy.

Triumphs Amidst Adversity

The couple’s story captured hearts online, with many moved by their love and Austin’s dance with his mother at their wedding. However, they also faced unwarranted criticism from online trolls, who made baseless accusations about Muckala’s intentions in marrying Austin. The couple, focusing on their love and new family, brushed off these negative comments.

A Family of Five

Today, Austin and Muckala are busy being parents to their three children. They often share updates on their life, including adorable moments with the twins, who, as Austin humorously notes, “can’t walk either.” Their story continues to inspire many, showcasing how love, humor, and resilience can turn life’s challenges into a beautiful journey.

An Inspiration to All

Austin Jones’s life story is a reminder that the human spirit can defy the odds. His journey, marked by love, laughter, and unwavering determination, encourages us all to appreciate life’s blessings, no matter how they come.

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