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P!nk shares concerning news about her health after facing medical issues—confirms what we all feared


Pink had to cancel some of her upcoming shows because she’s sick. Many fans around the world, who love her exciting performances, are wishing her well and hoping she gets better soon.

Fans in Washington will have to wait to see Pink perform. She shared on Instagram that two of her concerts in Tacoma, Washington, for her 2023 Summer Carnival Tour won’t happen.

Pink apologized to her Tacoma fans on Instagram, saying the concerts on October 17 and 18 are postponed. She feels really sorry for the change.

“I am so sorry to inform the Tacoma ticket holders that the two shows October 17 and October 18 (tomorrow and Wednesday) will be postponed.”

Credit : Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

Pink explained that she had to make this decision because of some medical issues in her family. She apologized for any trouble this might have caused and said she’s sending love and good wishes to everyone. She didn’t give more details but mentioned that they’re trying to set new dates for the concerts.

Right now, Pink is on her world tour which will end in 2024 in Townsville, Australia. Her tour has been in the spotlight. One surprising moment was in June when a fan threw a bag containing their mother’s ashes on stage during her London concert. Pink was shocked and took a moment to realize what happened while she was singing “Just Like a Pill”.

During the concert, Pink asked the fan, “Is this your mom?” She was unsure how to react and gently placed the bag of ashes at the side of the stage. Even with that unexpected event, Pink said she loved performing at the festival and expressed her gratitude on Instagram, saying, “I am never not grateful.”

Many fans around the world are sending their best wishes for P!nk and her family during challenging times.