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Scared dog who was about to be put down has a tearful reaction when she realizes she’s been saved


It is sad to see dogs in animal shelters that are not healthy and don’t have enough food. These dogs may look weak and struggle to stand.

Even though they were not treated well, some dogs still love and trust people. But others are scared and shy away when someone tries to help them. It’s hard to think about what these dogs have gone through.

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I can’t imagine hurting an animal and I don’t understand why anyone would. Dogs have a special way of knowing who is nice and who is not.

People who work with animals know that it’s important to let the animal approach them first. It might be tempting to pet and play with a dog right away to show that you’re friendly, but that’s not always the best way. Some people don’t understand that a dog that has been mistreated may be scared of strangers.

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Edie was a mixed-breed dog who had been abandoned and was about to be put down. She was scared of people and had not received any care for a long time. Her fur was messy and she was very skinny from not eating enough.

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A kind animal lover gave Edie a second chance to live. In the beginning of the video, Edie is seen trembling and barking, afraid of the man trying to catch her. But, after a while, she starts to trust the man and understands that he is there to help her, not harm her.

You can see the relief in her eyes when she realizes she will not be put down anymore. Watch the video to see Edie’s happy reaction when she knows she has been saved.