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‘Golden Bachelor’ pair make a big announcement three months after wedding

Gerry Turner, 74, and Theresa Nist, 70, stars of the reality TV show The Golden Bachelor, have announced they are ending their marriage. The...

Research shows what men truly feel about women who wear makeup

About 5,000 years ago, both men and women in ancient Egypt used essential oils and other materials to care for their skin and enhance...

Kate Middleton might go to events while undergoing cancer treatments, according to a royal expert

In January, after her abdominal surgery, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, faced a surprising twist with a cancer diagnosis confirmed in February. Although initially...

Unexpected twist as surrogate with twins realizes one baby is biologically hers— “we want our son”

Jessica, a mom from California, chose to be a surrogate mother, meaning she would carry and give birth to a baby for someone else....

Teen learns to sew to make dream prom dress for date who couldn’t buy it

Prom night is a magical time for many high school students. It's a night filled with excitement and joy, where dressing up and feeling...