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Adorable Video Shows Overprotective Tot Refusing To Let Anyone Take Her Newborn Sister Away

In an unbelievably adorable video shared on Facebook, a little girl named Henley, who is about one and a half, is seen cuddling with

Toddler With Spina Bifida Melts Hearts Showing His Dog He Can Finally Walk

A two year old boy with spina bifida is melting hearts across the world after a video of him proudly showing his dog that

Baby Is Comforted By Daddy Doll That Looks And Sounds Like Military Dad.

In an adorable video that is melting hearts across the internet, Nathan who is a six months old baby boy from South Carolina, is

Pit Bull Drags Baby By Her Diaper After House Goes Up In Flames

A family’s pitbull not only saved her little human sister’s life but also the lives of her whole family and left her heroic act

Dashcam Footage Captures Heroic Off-Duty Police Officer Saving Baby’s Life On Side Of Road

A heroic  police officer from Florida has been hailed a hero after he determinedly saved a baby’s life when he stopped breathing.  The police
Mother Hears Nurses Screaming During C-Section Giving Her The Biggest Baby They’ve Ever Seen.

Mother Hears Nurses Screaming During C-Section For This One Reason

Nurses couldn’t get ordinary newborn diapers to fit
Baby Born With a Full Head Of Silver White Hairs, Leaving Doctors and The Internet Stunned

Baby Born With a Full Head Of Silver White Hairs, Leaving Doctors and The

Nurses in the maternity ward started calling him “Prince Charming"

‘To All The Dads Out There Reading This… Take More Pictures!’

“Tonight my husband showed me a picture he took of Kane and I a few days ago without my knowledge. Kane is my shadow

Babies ‘Should Share Mother’s Bed Until Age Three’ Because It’s Good For Their Hearts.

Babies should share their mother's bed until they are at least three years old, a pediatrician has advised. The controversial advice comes from a

Mother in Disbelief After Flight Attendant Hand-Delivers 100 Oz. of Breast Milk Left on

When Rachel Braverman realized she forgot the cooler holding 100 oz. of her breast milk on a plane, she assumed it was gone, however,

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