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Mom of four is hospitalized after having a stroke—5 days later her husband wants a divorce

Sometimes life can be tough and we all experience difficult times. Some people recover quickly, while others face a long and difficult journey. In 2015,...

A dying woman says her final goodbyes to her parrot—the bird’s immediate response makes me cry

Losing our best friend is very hard, whether we expect it or not. It's not just humans who feel sad when someone close to...

Bullied teen refuses to attend school prom until 120 bikers knock on her door

Prom is a special event for high school students, marking the end of school and the start of adulthood. Preparations for prom involve finding...

Bette Midler finally admits to rumors that have been hounding her for years

Bette Midler is a famous entertainer who has had a successful career for almost sixty years. However, people have questioned her appearance over time. Recently,...

At 71, Model Rosa Saito Throws Conventional Age & Beauty Standards Out The Window

Brazillian Model Rosa Saito is taking the fashion world by storm and breaking beauty standards at the age of seventy-one. Saito who had never...