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“It’s a blessing cake” adopted boys tear up during their first-ever birthday party celebration

In a heartwarming story that reminds us to cherish the simple joys of life, two brothers from Sierra Leone, Abraham and James Walker, experienced...

10-month-old baby found dead near surviving father after 36-hour search

In a small town near Idaho Falls, Idaho, the community is mourning after a heart-wrenching discovery. Ten-month-old Zeke Best, who had been the subject...

7 key reasons why forgiving is important— even when it’s really hard

Have you ever heard the saying, "To err is human; to forgive, divine"? This old phrase tells us something very important – forgiving someone...

Man believed his dog had died in the rapids—10 days later she returned running

In 2016, a vibrant and spirited Golden Retriever/Collie mix named Kali set out on a remarkable journey that would demonstrate her endurance and tenacity...

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson shares sad news about her health

Sarah Ferguson, often called "Fergie" by friends and fans, is adored by many even though she's not officially in the Royal Family anymore. Recently,...