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Brilliant painting of Jesus by an 8-year-old rescued from the shadows

The celebrated artwork "Prince of Peace," a divine portrayal of Jesus, has made a remarkable comeback after 16 years. Created by Akiane Kramarik when...

A 13-year-old boy stops kidnapper using a $3 toy his mom bought him

It was a typical afternoon for Owen Burns, who had just returned from school. He was preparing to engage in his favorite pastime, playing...

Son begins to vomit and turns blue after thanksgiving dessert—mom later discovers deadly mistake

Thanksgiving is a season eagerly anticipated by many due to the opportunity it provides to spend quality time with family and friends - people...

Clint Eastwood unseen for 450 days—concerns arise about possible decline in health

Clint Eastwood has had an extraordinary career, achieving numerous accomplishments as an iconic actor and director. His legacy in the world of cinema was...

Matthew McConaughey says Woody Harrelson could be his sibling after mom tells truth

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are both renowned actors who have captured audiences' hearts for many years. Not only do they share an undeniable...