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Simon Cowell has had a tough couple of years

Simon Cowell, a renowned figure in the music scene, has made a fortune through his astute business acumen and keen eye for talent. His...

John Beasley, actor from ‘Everwood’ and ‘The Soul Man’, has passed away at age 79—rest in peace

The passing of a familiar face can deeply affect us, even if that face belonged to a celebrity whom we knew only through the...

Photographer records family’s last moments hours before deadly crash claims all five members

Rhae Harris, a photographer from Ohio, was profoundly affected by a tragedy involving a family she photographed. Tragically, the family was killed in a...

Neighbors put a 10-year-old boy back to business after his curbside bakery get stolen

David Hove entered their house for a few moments after hours selling his cones. A thief stole his stall from where he sells scones...

Black couple give birth to blonde, blue-eyed baby who they call ‘a miracle baby’

It's common for expecting parents to wonder about their baby's appearance before they are born. Whether it's the baby's gender, skin color, hair color,...