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Mom takes action like in a movie—hunts down 10 people linked to her daughter’s death one at a time

In Mexico, a mother dedicated three years to seeking justice for her daughter's tragic end. Miriam Rodriguez started her journey after her 20-year-old daughter, Karen...

“Aunt Jemima’s” great-grandson upset because her legacy is being removed: “It’s injustice to my family”

In 2020, Quaker Oats revealed plans to retire their "Aunt Jemima" brand following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the very next...

Mother and son respond to critics after a video of them together goes viral

A mother named Amber Wright and her son, Brixton, have expressed their disappointment over negative online comments about a video of them. The video...

Brad Pitt allowed 105-year-old neighbor stay rent-free on his $40 million estate, says elvira

Cassandra Peterson, better known as "Elvira," sold her house to actor Brad Pitt back in 1994. In a recent interview with People, Peterson shared...

Woman orders a custom aquarium for her cats, who enjoy watching the fish

Animals, like humans, have emotions that must be addressed. They sometimes express their attachment to nature in amazing ways! It's amazing what people will do...