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Every time she posts photos of her baby online—people beg her to stop

Nowadays, social media is widely used by many people as their primary means of communication. This includes sharing photos of their children so that...

Michael Bublé thanks Jesus Christ following his son’s cancer remission

Michael Bublé is a singer from Canada who is loved for his gentle voice and charming personality on stage. But for a while, he...

9 alarming warning signs of swollen feet you should never ignore

People often associate swollen feet with pregnancy, injury, or a job that requires standing for long hours. However, not all cases of swollen feet...

Deaf baby is joyous when she hears mum say “I love you” for the first time

Christy Keane and her husband were at a loss after receiving news that their baby, Little Charlotte, was born deaf. The first inkling that the...

Mother of three undergoes plastic surgery costing $30,000 to resemble Meghan Markle

Houston-based mother of three has undergone the knife to resemble the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Xochytl Greer began struggling with self-esteem issues several years...