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84-year-old woman successfully gets her college degree after trying for 60 years

Reaching the milestone of a college graduation is a significant achievement, and sometimes, it's a luxury that not everyone can access. There are individuals...

Missing soap star found dead, buried in a trunk in the backyard—rest in peace

Jefferson Machado, a popular Brazilian soap opera actor recognized for his role in the TV series "Reis," has been found dead four months after...

Simon Cowell has had a tough couple of years

Simon Cowell, a renowned figure in the music scene, has made a fortune through his astute business acumen and keen eye for talent. His...

Missing 16-year-old girl found alive months later—family believed she ran away but the real story was different

A family experienced immense distress after their 16-year-old, Alinka Castaneda, disappeared without a trace. Fortunately, they have recently been reunited, bringing an end to...

Johnny Depp’s response to seven-minute standing ovation for his new film is warming hearts everywhere

Following several years of personal and professional upheaval, Johnny Depp, known for his iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean, appears to be making...