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Children form human arrow on ground – when police helicopter realizes why, they immediately take action

Children are usually very active and imaginative, but some are more so than others. In Surrey, UK, a group of kids were participating in...

Sam Neill opens up about his blood cancer diagnosis and treatment—’I’m not afraid to die’

Actor Sam Neill, famous for playing Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park movies, recently shared some personal news that has worried his fans. In...

Mom of four is hospitalized after having a stroke—5 days later her husband wants a divorce

Sometimes life can be tough and we all experience difficult times. Some people recover quickly, while others face a long and difficult journey. In 2015,...

Little Girl Chugs Wine At Her First Holy Communion Leaving The Congregation In Tears

The Roman Catholic Church has seven holy Sacraments. These sacraments are means that God uses to show His grace and help Catholics achieve salvation....

Woman celebrates her 101st birthday – reveals simple secret to longevity

Most people do not live long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday—but there are some who are blessed enough to do so. At this...