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Veteran star Judi Dench opens up about sad health battle


Judi Dench is a talented and charming actress who has had to deal with some difficult challenges in her life.

Despite her grace and humor, she has faced the loss of her husband and has been struggling with a difficult eye condition for ten years, which has had a significant impact on her well-being. Despite these challenges, Dench remains a respected and accomplished actor.

Dame Judi Dench has had an amazing career that has lasted over 60 years. Despite her age, she still looks youthful. Dench is one of the most respected actresses in Britain, and she has accomplished a lot on both stage and screen.

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While she is proud of her legacy, Dench does not like being called a “national treasure” because she feels it is a dull and outdated label that makes her seem much older than she is. She sees herself as young and vibrant.

Despite her youthful outlook, Dench has had her fair share of challenges in her personal life, especially as she has gotten older. At the age of 87, she is starting to experience some health issues, which is common for many people as they age.

The actress who won an Oscar lost her husband Michael Williams in 2001. They got married in 1971 and were happy until he died from lung cancer. In 2010, Dench gave a very sad interview where she talked about losing her husband whom she loved very much.

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She said that she would never be able to get over his death, and he was 65 years old when he passed away. Dench also mentioned that her husband was a very kind and generous man who made her laugh a lot.

”He was the most unselfish man, and he wouldn’t ever attribute that to anything that might be between us… Oh, God, how he used to make me laugh. He used to make me absolutely howl,” she said.

After Michael’s death, Dench never thought that she could find love again. However, she met a conservationist named David Mills in 2010, and they began a relationship. According to Dench, their relationship developed gradually and maturely, and she was very happy with Mills. She spoke about this in an interview with The Times in 2014.

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Dench has recently said that she has no plans to retire from acting, even though it is more difficult for her to perform now. She has talked before about her struggles with advanced macular degeneration, and during a recent interview, she explained how her eyesight has gotten worse over the last ten years. Because she has a photographic memory, she needs a machine to help her learn her lines and tell her where they are on the page.

It’s unfortunate that her poor vision is impacting not only her daily life but also her personal life. In 2021, she shared with Radio Times that she is unable to read the newspaper, do crossword puzzles, or read books due to her eyesight.

Despite the challenges that come with acting, the 88-year-old Dame has no intention of retiring. Although she’s not as active currently because of her vision impairment, she refuses to stop working. To cope with her condition, she depends on assistance from colleagues in the industry, but she’s fortunate to have a photographic memory.

Macular degeneration is a very serious illness that affects a lot of people globally. It causes people to lose their vision, and it is even more unfortunate that there is currently no cure for it. It is my wish that one day we can discover a cure for this disease.