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First picture of Kate Middleton in 76 days is removed after concerning details were noticed


In a developing story that adds layers to the ongoing discussion about Kate Middleton’s health and public appearances, questions have been raised following a recent incident involving a photograph released by Kensington Palace.

The picture, intended to commemorate Mother’s Day in the UK and featuring the Princess of Wales alongside her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, has come under scrutiny.

Reports have emerged that several prominent photo and news agencies, including the Associated Press (AP) and Getty Images, have decided to withdraw the photograph after suspicions arose regarding its authenticity. The AP has notably issued a directive to journalists and media outlets worldwide, advising the removal of the image from all publishing platforms due to concerns it may have been altered.

Scrutiny of the photograph reveals peculiarities that have fueled speculation, such as discrepancies in Princess Charlotte’s sleeve cuff and the positioning of a zipper on Kate Middleton’s jacket.

These details have led some, particularly users on the social media platform X, to suggest that the image could have been generated by artificial intelligence, despite official statements claiming it was taken by Prince William.

This controversy arrives amidst a backdrop of increasing curiosity and concern over Middleton’s well-being, following her absence from the public eye since undergoing a “planned abdominal procedure” in January. The Royal Family has been eager to reassure the public about her recovery, stating that she would resume royal duties after Easter. However, the lack of frequent updates has provided fodder for conspiracy theories and speculation regarding the full extent of her health status.

The release of a somewhat unclear photograph of the Princess since her last public appearance at Christmas did little to quell the growing unease among observers.

The recent confusion over the Mother’s Day photo has only added to the challenges faced by Kensington Palace in maintaining a narrative of transparency and reliability about Middleton’s health and activities.

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