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8-year-old pays off friend’s school lunch debt—helping him get meals after being denied food


In a heartwarming story from Howell, Michigan, a young boy’s kind action has made a big difference in his school.

Cayden Taipalus, just eight years old, goes to Challenger Elementary. One day, he noticed his friend couldn’t get a hot meal at school because there wasn’t enough money in his lunch account. Instead, his friend got a cheese sandwich. This made Cayden sad, and he wanted to help.

Youtube/ WXYZ-TV Detroit

Cayden talked to his mom, Amber Melke-Peters, about what to do. They came up with a plan to start a fundraising page called “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry.” They wanted to make sure no other kids would miss out on hot meals at school.

Cayden worked hard to raise money. He asked his family, friends, and neighbors for help. He didn’t stop there; he also started collecting recyclable items to raise more money. The money he got was used to pay for the lunches of other students who couldn’t afford them.

Youtube/ WXYZ-TV Detroit

Thanks to Cayden’s efforts, he has raised over $41,000! This amazing amount has helped pay for lots of lunches for many students. Cayden wants to make sure no kid has to go through a school day without a hot meal.

Cayden’s mom is very proud of him. She told ABC News that she’s amazed by what he’s done at such a young age. She said Cayden has a “heart of gold.”

Youtube/ WXYZ-TV Detroit

Cayden’s kind act started small but turned into something big. It’s now helping many children get hot meals at lunch. People who donated to his fundraiser are also happy. They say it’s great to see Cayden making a difference. They point out that, sadly, some kids might only get to eat at school, and Cayden’s project helps these kids while letting them keep their dignity.

This story shows how one person, even a young boy, can make a big change. Cayden’s kind heart and hard work have helped many and shown the importance of helping others.